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The Importance of Content in Social Networking Sites


Ridgway Real Estate for sale - Content is 100% important. Social networking is not going away because it is doing something very strong; it provides for the psychological need to socialize. That's what Web 2.0 is overall. It puts our humanness put on top of the technology. It is a way to take technology and turn it, so it is satisfying our psychological needs as humans and one of those needs is getting information.

The number one way the Internet was used when it first started, was to find information. Even now there are basically three reasons people are on the Internet. They're looking for information, relationships, and entertainment.

Colorado real estate agent - Relationships can be from finding a date to finding a vendor or customers. Information can be anything from how do I market my business better or lose weight to who is that actor in that movie that I can't remember. That's what people go to the Internet to look for.

Use information in your social networking content because this is what people are looking for. They are looking for information. When they are on these social networking sites they want to connect. They want to get their questions answered. They want to post questions and get resources; that's part of why they are using social networking.

By providing them with information you are giving yourself the opportunity to be showcased as an expert. This is part your visibility.

How much content do you feel you need to deliver? Let's take Twitter as an example.

- How many times do you need to Tweet pure content?

- How frequently can you intersperse a sales message or something in there?

Think of offline networking. Your content should be 10 or 15 to 1, something like that. The content needs to be vastly more than sales. Everyone will shy away from the person that's shoving their business cards and shoving a sales letters in people's hands and begging for business.

People are not on social networking sites because they want to get deluged with sales messages. They are on there because they are looking to connect, for promotion, credibility, and all of that other stuff.

You have to give them a connection before you can ask for a sale. The above ratios are helpful but you need to use your gut. Have you been promoting other people's stuff, putting up content, connecting with people enough or do you need to do more of that before you start asking for the sale?

Think of it as you're talking to somebody one-on-one. Are you at a point where you are going to be chasing people away or is making a sale the next level to the relationship?

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